A little bit Green

Here at Ye Olde Shoppe we have been trying to be a bit more conscious about what we choose to buy and the impact that is having on the world.

I am the first to admit I am not an eco-warrior. I try my best. I try to be considerate of my purchases and the long term impact, but honestly I’m following the Tesco tag line of every little helps. But since 2020 has not only had a pandemic but also what feels like half the world on fire at any given time, you do really start to evaluate things and address what little and easy changes could be made that will have some impact elsewhere positively!

At work recently (stick with me this is relevant I promise) I’ve been involved with a project surrounding reuse of plastics. Now I know the science (very basically) behind plastic. I know it takes a looooong time to get rid of in the world. I know single use plastics are pretty bad. But it never really clicked just how much plastic we use, and how a few changes could make a massive difference. (Yes, slow to the party I know).

One of the first changes I have made has come as I ran out of shampoo and conditioner again this month. I usually have a lovely blonde enhancing version of shampoo that has packaging that is plastic based, and many chemicals that both probably enter or impact your body and harm other aspects of the eco-system as they enter the water through the simple action of washing your hair.

My new purchases

After much research I have decided to start using the Faith in Nature range of shampoo and conditioner. The 400ml bottles I ordered are all made from recycled plastic, therefore preventing virgin raw materials being used (aka a good thing!), and there’s a place near us where I can go and refill the bottles when I run out. I filtered and focused on recycled material on the website, because that was my priority, but you can also look for Vegan products (which incidentally the shampoo and conditioner are) , Made in the UK products, Cruelty free, and Natural Fragrance. So they seem to give pretty good, ethical options. I know some of their products use not 100% recycled material, but there is encouragement and ability to avoid these products if you wish to.

So how is it? Well compared to my old shampoo and conditioner, it is no more expensive for a comparable sized bottle. The bottle is a fun design and fits nicely on my shower shelf. My hair is lovely and soft. But as I am writing this after my first use, B is at work, and we are trying to distance so I have know idea what the smell is like. I have no sense of smell- never have, so I can’t tell you if it does smell like Lemon and Tea Tree or not yet! I guess I’ll be sure to update you when someone tells me!

Have you any recommendations for easy alternatives that reduce plastic use? What are your tips for trying to be a bit greener? Drop me a message!

You can check out the range here if you want (no affiliation just trying to help share resources!) http://faithinnature.co.uk and I actually bought them from here (because I ordered other green products which I’ll no doubt share when I’ve tried them) http://ethicalsuperstore.com.

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