Last of the summer sun

I don’t know about where you are, but I’m currently sat outside on a glorious Monday (again on flexi furlough), in lovely hot temperatures (I think its 24ish C). I know this may be the last of the summer sun, but what a blessing the weather mainly has been this year.

When Covid first hit and I was told to shield, way back in March and April the weather was glorious. Now I’m very well aware the role climate change has to play in that, and as explained in my previous posts I am trying to do my bit to help counteract those effects. But what a saviour the weather has been this year. To say in mid September it’s so lovely and sunny, when it also was way back in March, has definitely been wonderful for me this year. Our garden is small but such a sun trap so it always feels a little warmer than it actually is!

This afternoon I plan on harvesting my chives (to be frozen ready for use over the winter), sage (dried ready for Christmas), and other herbs in the last of the summer sun. I imagine it will be the last of it anyway; we are officially in autumn now after all!

But that leads me to my next post on planning for Christmas – my all time favourite time of year!

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