Planning for Christmas

Excuse the crazy pic – Christmas makes me excitable!

I know I know it’s only September. I hear you. But just read on a little before you think I’ve totally gone mad.

I’ve started planning for Christmas. I wrote a list of all the dessert/cake items I want to make or buy to enjoy over the festive season. In coming weeks I’ll do the same with snacks and mains and starters. But i started with desserts and cakes.

Firstly, because cakes are a massive part of Christmas, and I love Christmas. It may have something to do with the fact I was born on Christmas Eve, so there’s that. But I just think it’s the most magical time of year. You can’t really very well be grumpy at Christmas I don’t think.

Luckily for me, B also loves Christmas. Now being that we are in our own home this year, I’m super excited because theres so many more things to decorate however we want, and to have in for food and drink. But (perhaps pessimisticly) we are planning on having Christmas just the two of us this year. We never ever thought we would do that, as we love being around family at Christmas, but with Covid being as it is, and me being clinically extremely vulnerable, we have resigned ourselves to the fact that it will be just the two of us.

Many people have asked if this means we wont bother with a big dinner etc this year. Those people either do not know me well, or are trying to wind me up. We of course will have a big dinner, and many many cakes to accompany the food. The first of which will be the Christmas Cake.

My family always have a Christmas Cake, and usually a home-made one at that. It’s essential. So in true home baking Christmas fashion, I am going to be starting my Christmas cake in a few weeks. Three months from Christmas gives the gave ample time to get decent flavour, and be fed lots to have a lovely brandy taste to it by the time we get to Christmas.

So to bake my cake in a few weeks time, I need to source all the ingredients, and before Covid causes and supply shortages more than already in place. To do this I had to start planning and making a Christmas food shopping list ahead of our weekly shop – see I’m not so mad after all!

As a result, this week I will be trying to get all the cake ingredients I need to start baking in a week or so. I can’t wait, but really hoping they have everything I need!

Have you started thinking about Christmas yet? Let me know!

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