From messy to Marie Kondo’ing

As some of you may know we recently bought our own house `(after a number of years living with the in-laws). What you won’t know is that I am a naturally messy person. I don’t mean we live in squalor or anything, but I would never normally be stressed out by un-neat piles of clothes,Continue reading “From messy to Marie Kondo’ing”

Planning for Christmas

I know I know it’s only September. I hear you. But just read on a little before you think I’ve totally gone mad. I’ve started planning for Christmas. I wrote a list of all the dessert/cake items I want to make or buy to enjoy over the festive season. In coming weeks I’ll do theContinue reading “Planning for Christmas”

Last of the summer sun

I don’t know about where you are, but I’m currently sat outside on a glorious Monday (again on flexi furlough), in lovely hot temperatures (I think its 24ish C). I know this may be the last of the summer sun, but what a blessing the weather mainly has been this year. When Covid first hitContinue reading “Last of the summer sun”

A little bit Green

Here at Ye Olde Shoppe we have been trying to be a bit more conscious about what we choose to buy and the impact that is having on the world. I am the first to admit I am not an eco-warrior. I try my best. I try to be considerate of my purchases and theContinue reading “A little bit Green”

“New normal”

If only I had a pound for every time this phrase had been uttered this year. I think we would all be rich. 2020 has provided many many versions of a “new normal” already. From shielding to lockdowns to face masks and more, this phrase has been used to describe each new phase of lifeContinue reading ““New normal””

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