Life at Ye Olde Shoppe

Hi! I’m Sarah; recent homeowner and foodie.

I started this blog to connect with other foodies, or those who live with someone who has chronic depression. But at Life at Ye Olde Shoppe most of my ramblings may just be about new things I’ve got excited about. I tend to be excitable and want to share new things with anyone I can so you have been warned!

Latest from the Blog


So we have survived a few weeks back at school (for my husband) and back into more of a normal routine. I’m not going to lie, getting up at 6.30am again when I don’t need to leave the house and have been partly of furlough was a shock to the system. But B doesn’t easilyContinue reading “Escapism”

Planning for Christmas

I know I know it’s only September. I hear you. But just read on a little before you think I’ve totally gone mad. I’ve started planning for Christmas. I wrote a list of all the dessert/cake items I want to make or buy to enjoy over the festive season. In coming weeks I’ll do theContinue reading “Planning for Christmas”

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