So we have survived a few weeks back at school (for my husband) and back into more of a normal routine. I’m not going to lie, getting up at 6.30am again when I don’t need to leave the house and have been partly of furlough was a shock to the system. But B doesn’t easily deal with mornings as part of his depression battles, so if I get up and make breakfast and beverages, I can at least coax him out of bed and get him out the door to work easier! But still, 6.30am was a shock to the system.

Being back into some kind of normality is good, but so full on. With the new normal in place there is so much more to think about; are you taking masks, sanitiser etc when you leave the house? For me and my husband, because he is a teacher, and I am in the extremely clinically vulnerable group, we have decided to distance in the house so that I have less chance of catching something and he can stress a little less at work. But that in itself isn’t easy, and sometimes you just need to escape the pressures of life and work and do something that isn’t the millionth load of laundry or ironing.

So this week I indulged a few days in some escapism. One evening I grabbed James and the Giant Peach of the bookshelf. We recently established our reading corner in our house and have a selection of beloved books from our childhood and current reads as well as many cookery and gardening books. So I wanted a short book that I could escape into for a few hours, that was not heavy going – 2020 is full of enough thank you very much! And I actually never read James and the Giant Peach as a child because the film always scared me a little. So this became my book of choice on a Thursday evening.

To sit and read uninterrupted (B was asleep even though we are talking early evening) was brilliant and did wonders for my sanity. I managed to get immersed in the story and finished the whole book in one sitting. It was great to read a fun, light hearted book with magical images for a change. Even though it’s a kids book- if you don’t have kids I thoroughly recommend reading one of your old favourites for some escapism.

To continue my escapism theme the next day having sent B off to work I had a chilled morning and picked up some cross-stitch. A dear friend of mine recently bought a new house, and loves cross-stitch so I have got back into it recently, having not done anything like it since I was a child. Having finished her gift I have acquired some unfinished cross-stitch that B’s nan had started many years ago. Sadly she passed away before I met her, but B’s mom found the cross-stitch recently, and I have decided to finish them off. I sat for hours engrossed in the activity – escaping from social media and all the housework happily (until B came back from work and spoiled the peace!)

And do you know what, I felt so refreshed afterwards. The next day I was wide awake before six (and it was Saturday!) so I actually choose to get up and do all the housework. Just taking the time out for yourself really does recharge the batteries even if its just for a few hours.

What do you do to escape and recharge? Let me know in the comments!

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