From messy to Marie Kondo’ing

As some of you may know we recently bought our own house `(after a number of years living with the in-laws). What you won’t know is that I am a naturally messy person. I don’t mean we live in squalor or anything, but I would never normally be stressed out by un-neat piles of clothes, or messy draws that are all jumbled up. I happily spent years wearing odd socks because I just grabbed two from my draw. My husband on the other hand is very OCD, gets stressed by mess and likes things in a logical order. We are quite the opposite in this regard as you may imagine.

Recently because B has gone back to work and we are distancing from each other, B has been sleeping in the spare room. We are very lucky in that our spare and main room both fit double beds and he thinks its cooler in the spare anyway. But that meant all his stuff was still in the main room- not ideal for distancing at this time. So I decided one day when i was flexi furloughed that I would move B’s stuff into the other room. Covid is clearly going to be around a while and with my 80-year-old lady lungs I need a vaccine probably before I become less at risk to serious consequences of it, so we will likely be having seperate rooms for the forseeable future.

I decided that I would try to reorganise everything in an orderly fashion (a very alien concept to me). So i started with the wardrobe and work shirts- they are now all colour co-ordinated and ordered, and the ties hung properly on ties hangers. I then moved onto underwear and socks, I figured with these he could at least go to work without having to come into the main bedroom. Now, I haven’t been living under a rock for years, I knew of Marie Kondo, and I new the concept of folding things so they were visible and all that. But not having a propensity to be so organised I never really took much notice to the concept.

I have to admit, I should really have tried it years ago. I organised B’s draws using her method and it is amazing. He can find everything- which he’s super happy about, and it saves space. But more importantly – I love it! It’s brought about a newfound need for me to redo all our draws and clothes in this fashion! If only I had taken notice sooner B wouldn’t have been quite so stressed at my disorganised system for all these years! And now I don’t want to make the system messy, so after each wash load I just put everything back in the draws and wardrobes as they should be!

So if like me, you are a naturally messy person- give Kondo’s system a chance. You might actually be surprised at how happy it makes you!

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